Industrial Design and Engineering

I often challenge the engineers to tackle concepts that may seem extreme or eccentric early in the design process. This always gets them engaged in the project early and allows time and room for many solutions rather than the obvious ones. In the end we may pair back from the original concepts but were always happier than if we didn't get out there and explore. Learn More»

UX and Software

Software engineering vernacular can be so esoteric that I like to use tools all parties can easily understand. Often a simple animation of a desired action can be invaluable in creating clarity for both the client and the software engineers. Learn More»

Scale Models

To get the team excited and begin a rich dialogue about a new chair design, I often present a scale model. In meetings, every comment is delivered with the model in their hands, turning it around, while all renderings and drawings are ignored except for dimension reference. Scale models create a sense of endearment that comes from our childhood and always elicit a smile. Learn More»